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Weekend Fun

So the reason why I was so inspired to write about basketball yesterday was because I was working at a basketball tournament when I did it. After yesterday, I don't want to go to another basketball game for a very long time. I was asked by my sister's boyfriend to go and sell admissions tickets for his tournament at the Hopkins high school. The day didn't start out too bad but as time went on things got much worse. Numerous people were complaining about the price and taking it out on me. Of course no one understood that because it was a private tournament and they had to rent out the facilities at the school, that the prices naturally had to be higher to cover the costs for them. For the very last game, Hopkins was playing and since it was in their hometown, they had tons of fans show up. The one thing that really set me off most was when girls would come up to me with their designer handbags and UGG boots on and complain to me that they had to pay $3 more and how rediculous that was. Rediculous??? What's rediculous is that they have a $300 bag in their hands and there was tons of money in their wallets yet they still felt the need to complain. Those people made me sick (and I almost let them know that a few times but I bit my tounge). Eventually it got to the point where kids would just walk right past me and say that they weren't going to pay and walk right into the game. How in the world am I supposed to control that? I obviously couldn't use physical force. The day did have its few ups though. I got free food from the concessions stand, got paid, and I got to use the wireless internet in their high school. Even though it really sucked at the time, I'd have to say that it turned out okay in the end.