July 1, 2005


More reading: Breadcrumb (contextual) Links And Search Engine Optimization

We might not often be asked to write breadcrumbs, but perhaps we should be paying attention to them. The research I've read certainly implies that this tool doesn't get used as links, but I sometimes find them helpful in reminding me where I am in a site and giving me an idea of how deep.

This article suggests that breadcrumbs play a part in how well a page might rank in respect to keywords, as long as those keywords are contained in your breadcrumb. I see this as another reason to avoid acronyms, although I have to confess to using them in at least one breadcrumb trail.

Do you get help from your clients in determining what keywords they need to rank high for? When most people go to the U's home page and search rather than browse, I think it's important that we get those keywords right. Have you ever re-written content simply to improve it's search engine rankings?

Posted by bullwink at July 1, 2005 3:23 PM