April 6, 2009

TinyURL or other service?

I've used tinyurl.com and snurl.com for many years and have been happy with their service. But having just read Analysis: Which URL Shortening Service Should You Use?, I think I might rethink this.

First of all, if I still had responsibility for a site or responsibility for a brand, I'd register vanity URLs right away. Yes, some of these services will allow you to choose your own custom path. So if you're using Twitter and frequently using a service to shorten umn.edu/college/departmentname/programname, you could try to obtain UofM-program and always use that.

You can also track traffic from those shortened URLs. TinyURL does not offer this service, but others do. So even though tinyURL has been around since way back when, I think I'll be trying bit.ly now. It's still a memorable name and it offers additional services.

Posted by bullwink at April 6, 2009 10:00 AM