August 31, 2010


In my field, wayfinding is part of information architecture. It's about helping website visitors confidently make their way through a site. It's also part of marketing, because part of wayfinding is also about leading people toward the shopping cart or an upgrade or another action.

For one of my clients, wyafinding is part of building architecture and space design. I think the work of Salmi Wayfinding is exciting. Patricia Salmi is concerned with everything from signage to noise levels to physical comfort and mobility. Sound a little bit like building accessibility and universal design? That's part of what she does.

So while Patricia might be monitoring activity and sound levels for an area where a building manager might want people to linger and wander, I might be looking for clutter and visual noise on a page where I want people to read and not quickly scan the text. We've had some interesting discussions about how it's important to focus on more than just signage or navigation labels.

Posted by bullwink at August 31, 2010 10:05 AM