January 24, 2006

February training events

Ragan Communications is hosting a teleseminar, "Creating effective content: Web writing and editing skills," Feb. 8. If anyone attends, I'd love to hear how it goes. Merry Bruns, principal of ScienceSites Communications, is the instructor. I think she's a good writer. She might be a good person to invite to the Forum conference.

Earlier in the month I had an e-mail from CASE about a writing for the Web speaker series. But I scanned the e-mail and didn't see any date listed. It's on the 16th. Details about the online seminar can be found at www.case.org/onlinespeaker/webwriting/.

So I learned a lesson already. Put the important details in your e-mail and don't rely on someone to click through to your Web site. A few weeks ago I also learned not to insert details after my e-mail signature. I received an e-mail like that with a job posting. I read the message in my preview pane, saw the signature lines, and assumed that was the end of the message. I never saw the actual posting below the signature.

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July 14, 2005

MIMA salon

I attended my first event sponsored by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association. They hosted a salon with the great title of "Ugly Ducklings and Happy Accidents."

The idea was for us all to offer examples of successes that surprised and miserable failures. There was a lot of discussion about affinity groups and blogs. Even though I think Peggy Rader and I were the only people attending from outside the business world, sites like http://www.thefacebook.com/ were discussed. It was refreshing to hear tales from outside of higher education. I think we really have some catching up to do.

The event was at Solera and they provided good food and a cash bar. (Really the food and drink is what matters at any event.) We weren't the only newcomers in attendance. I'd go again. Their next event is "TARGETING A DEMOGRAPHIC ONLINE" and will be held in August.

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April 29, 2005

Web Communications & Strategies Conference

Anyone planning to attend the Web Communications & Strategies Conference at Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD on July 18-20, 2005? Anyone attended in the past?

There are some sessions that look interesting.:

  • Web Writing and Editing Techniques
  • Antarctica.uab.edu: Incorporating Blogging into Publications Strategies
  • Keeping Content Current On Campus
  • Can that SPAM! Developing an E-Communications Plan for your Office

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