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Okay all, I figured out how to adjust the setting to allow for multiple authors... so hopefully all of us will be able to create entries now, rather than just make comments.

From what I assembled from our last meeting, here are the assigned groups/subtopics:

History of Mascot Usage: Tony Bui and Molly Kalda
Pros/Cons of Mascots: ???
Economics of Mascot Usage: Toshio Kaneda
Current Disputes: Jay Harrison and Samantha Ness
Future Consequences: Ian Aizman and ???
Differences btw. Pro/College/H.S. Mascot Debates: Thane Antczak

You guys will need to help me out with the group members I missed. Thanks.

The History of Mascot Usage

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(Assigned Group Members: Tony Bui & Molly Kalda)

Our topic is very broad...are we going to introduce the concept of mascots in general? Or are we going to focus on the history of the usage of strictly Native American mascots? Are we going to confine ourselves to sports teams, or expand into the realm of food/merchandise brand mascots? Either Molly or any other group members, feel free to chime in.