August 29, 2006

Preliminary History

usenet (including collaborative filtering)
bulletin boards
Internet Town Hall
Chat rooms

Web rings
Subject portals

- AT&T video phone offered to customers: 1970
- Weblog
- Video blog (1st known posting: November 27, 200 (NewVidsontheBlock.pdf)


August 28, 2006

Video Blog and More

Flush this video! All you ever wanted to know about plumbing and knew better than to ask.

Sample video blogs from Will Law:

Jen Simmons Video Resource Page:

Videoblog Mailing List

An example of a blog with video: Magic for Africa:

Little While is a video blog repository for short, non-fiction moments:

New Mediacracy: video and podcasts:

Who Are You? An Impassioned YouTube video :

Potential Resources

General info on fundraising blog:

Philanthropy technology from Vermont
See "Get Connected" tab in tool bar. Includes Meetups
Very interactive site. See "Voice of Youth" blog, for ex.
Stanford Social Innovation blog gift registries
Heifer International

Preliminary Outline Updated

Elizabeth, does the outline assignment below work for you? I can share with you some non-profit sites I have found. In addition, I propose deleing item III. We will essentially cover the tools and stakeholders in Item II and IV. OK? BTW, our presentation is due to APRA Sept 19, which is 2 weeks in advance of the conference.

Thanks for your help on this. It should be fun.

Intro (RCB)

II. Putting up the Tent (history of social nets) (RCB)

III. Stakeholders and drivers (tools) (Delete)

IV. Inside the Tent (Non profit digital communities) (Eliz)

V. Discussion (RCB/Elizabeth)

August 24, 2006

Is Anybody Reading?

Citizen journalists, diarists, scirbblers have taken over the Net. Estimates vary widely. 60 million. 70 million. With hundreds of thousands of new blogs added daily. If everyone is writing, is anyone reading? Well, maybe so. Daily Kos, reportedly one of the most-visited blogs on the Net draws some 20 million unique visits per month. So surely there must be readers amongst the throngs.

Maybe not. The clue is within the 20 million unique visits per month, the average visit lenght is 0.03. That's three minutes! And only a 1.2 page view per visit.

Still. One can't deny the fact that there are zillions of blogs. So, what does the prolific nature of this media mean for non-profits? Is a charity or non-profits blog of any value to a donor? What if donors have their own blogs on a charity's page? Is that providing value? The social venture philanthropist looking for invovlement comes to mind.

Internet Time

Immediacy rules the day. People living, working, and playing in Internet time have a different set of expectations regarding response time. Note the following example from authored by Marnie Webb, Vice President of Knowledge Services for CompuMentor, the home of TechSoup:

" In, BizDev 2.0, flickr founder Caterina Fake writes about what this means to business:

" Several companies — probably more than a dozen — have approached us to provide printing services for Flickr users, and while we were unable to respond to most of them, given the number of similar requests and other things eating up our time, one company, QOOP, just went ahead and applied for a Commercial API key, which was approved almost immediately, and built a fully-fleshed out service. Then after the fact, business development on our side got in touch, worked out a deal — and the site was built and taking orders while their competitors were still waiting for us to return their emails. QOOP even patrols the discussions on the Flickr boards about their product, and responds and makes adjustments based on what they read there. Now that’s customer service, and BizDev 2.0."

The Human Voice

UNICEF is doing some interesting things with the Web. I am not sure, but they may be using Kintera, as their content management host. One of the tactics UNICEF uses is video testimonials from celebrity donors. Notice, too, the emphasis upon the voices of others in UNICEF's "Voices of Youth" .It's not just great big UNICEF talking at people, it's people engaging.

Connecting online and off

Elizabeth, I had an interesting discussion with the director of digital partners at the Minneapolis Library, Jennifer Nelson. She noted how Best Buy and the Science Museum were partnering with the library to engage Minneapolis/St Paul youth in online gaming. No. Not gambling. Internet games. Each Saturday, a diverse community of kids meet at the library to use donated software to develop their own Internet games. In some ways, the gaming is incidental to the larger value of team building, learning to interact, and sharing knowledge, said Jennifer

Non-profit blogs and donor interaction

August 23, 2006

Preliminary Presentation Outline

I. Intro

II. Putting up the Tent (history of social nets)

III. Stakeholders and drivers (tools)

IV. Inside the Tent (Non profit digital communities)

V. Discussion