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Is Anybody Reading?

Citizen journalists, diarists, scirbblers have taken over the Net. Estimates vary widely. 60 million. 70 million. With hundreds of thousands of new blogs added daily. If everyone is writing, is anyone reading? Well, maybe so. Daily Kos, reportedly one of the most-visited blogs on the Net draws some 20 million unique visits per month. So surely there must be readers amongst the throngs.

Maybe not. The clue is within the 20 million unique visits per month, the average visit lenght is 0.03. That's three minutes! And only a 1.2 page view per visit.

Still. One can't deny the fact that there are zillions of blogs. So, what does the prolific nature of this media mean for non-profits? Is a charity or non-profits blog of any value to a donor? What if donors have their own blogs on a charity's page? Is that providing value? The social venture philanthropist looking for invovlement comes to mind.


The average stay may seem low, but since it's an average that means that there are more who are staying longer and those just whizzing on through. I have a blog that I read regularly and I don't think I spend more than four or five minutes reading current information. But if the blogger hasn't updated their information regularly, three minutes is a LONG time to see old content.