August 24, 2006

Internet Time

Immediacy rules the day. People living, working, and playing in Internet time have a different set of expectations regarding response time. Note the following example from authored by Marnie Webb, Vice President of Knowledge Services for CompuMentor, the home of TechSoup:

" In, BizDev 2.0, flickr founder Caterina Fake writes about what this means to business:

" Several companies — probably more than a dozen — have approached us to provide printing services for Flickr users, and while we were unable to respond to most of them, given the number of similar requests and other things eating up our time, one company, QOOP, just went ahead and applied for a Commercial API key, which was approved almost immediately, and built a fully-fleshed out service. Then after the fact, business development on our side got in touch, worked out a deal — and the site was built and taking orders while their competitors were still waiting for us to return their emails. QOOP even patrols the discussions on the Flickr boards about their product, and responds and makes adjustments based on what they read there. Now that’s customer service, and BizDev 2.0."