August 28, 2006

Video Blog and More

Flush this video! All you ever wanted to know about plumbing and knew better than to ask.

Sample video blogs from Will Law:

Jen Simmons Video Resource Page:

Videoblog Mailing List

An example of a blog with video: Magic for Africa:

Little While is a video blog repository for short, non-fiction moments:

New Mediacracy: video and podcasts:

Who Are You? An Impassioned YouTube video :

August 24, 2006

The Human Voice

UNICEF is doing some interesting things with the Web. I am not sure, but they may be using Kintera, as their content management host. One of the tactics UNICEF uses is video testimonials from celebrity donors. Notice, too, the emphasis upon the voices of others in UNICEF's "Voices of Youth" .It's not just great big UNICEF talking at people, it's people engaging.