Amazon Conducts Tablet Survey

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A day after Apple released its iPad mini, Amazon sent out a survey to their email subscribers asking them to weigh in on the current state of the tablet market. The survey focuses on how consumers consider various tablet features and how much consumers actually know about the variety of devices on the market from Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung. An incentive to take this survey was a $5 gift card from Amazon to use on their site.

I think this seems like a good idea for Amazon. Not all Amazon users utilize the site for technological devices so they get a pretty large range of people to survey being that Amazon sells a large variety of products. It is also a good incentive to give out the gift card. As we learned in the textbook, surveys seem to be more effective at generating responses when incentives are included. Results of the survey have not been released, however, Amazon may never release the survey results and use what they found to better advertise their own tablet.

A screenshot of the Amazon Tablet Survey is shown below:
Screen shot 2012-10-25 at 10.29.09 AM.png

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