America's Facebook Generation Is Reading Strong

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A study by Pew Research center was discussed by NPR in an article. They claims the fact seems surprising that the Facebook generation of young adults seems to be reading more books than believed, states the article. Pew's study found that 60 percent of Americans under 30 used the library in the past year. In the reading habits of young Americans, 8 in 10 Americans under age 30 have read a book in the past year. This is compared to 7 in 10 adults in general. The study summarizes that [young adults] "Are reading, more likely to read and more likely to use a library in comparison to adults".

The problem with this study seems to be a little obvious. Being that there are more young adults in college, we can already assume they are reading more than adults who are busier with full-time jobs and raising children. These college students are also spending more time in libraries studying for exams and doing homework. As many students live near libraries on college campuses, or close to college campuses, it seems likely to state they are in libraries more than adults because they have close access. There is also no baseline to compare that current young adults are reading more than in the past so we can't say young adults are reading more during this "Facebook generation" compared to the former "non-Facebook generation". Where is Pew Research getting this baseline of "non-Facebook" users? There is no article/abstract to formulate the fact that current Facebook users are reading more.

The article doesn't explain how results were gathered from a population. We cannot infer the validity of the results when we don't know how the population was sampled. It also does not explain how frequently or when exactly the results were recorded. This lacks the reliability measure. Were the results taken each month? Or were they concluded after only one month? The article does not give this background information therefore the results seem confusing and improperly summarized in this article by NPR.

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