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CJ Olson Market Research is one of the oldest market research firms in Minnesota. Founded in 1983, this downtown-based Minneapolis firm focuses on helping organizations learn more about their customers, products, competitors and markets. CJ Olson Market Research claims to provide reasonable pricing to help businesses accomplish their objectives.

Similar to class discussion both qualitative and quantitative research methods are provided by CJ Olson. When companies do not have the expertise or time to research, they utilize services provided by firms such as CJ Olson. Various quantitative services such as survey design are created by CJ Olson's firm. They also provide survey's for particular outlets: telephone, email and mail. As we discussed in class these types of survey's vary in length and type of questioning, some more brief or confidential. Due to the fact that survey design is complicated and time consuming, CJ Olson holds expertise in this field and is willing to help any business with their research. CJ Olson also does survey analysis and reporting which are discussed in our class textbook. The accuracy of analyzing research results is crucial to reporting reliable results.

CJ Olson also conducts qualitative services such as focus groups and 1 on 1's. As we discussed in class these are effective when done properly and can give us new insights on ideas. CJ Olson also has skilled workers in moderating qualitative services. This is important for unbiased reporting and facilitating for proper qualitative research.

As discussed in class, research can be very helpful to organizations to learn more about their customers, market and products, however, when done incorrectly the research results may actually cause more damage than help the company/organization. Firms such as CJ Olson have reputable experience and ability to maximize research results and reliability to an organization looking to advance their business.

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