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In class we discussed the various ways of measuring emotional responses with technology. Examples included: galvanic skin response, facial myography and blood pressure measurements. What is interesting about these types of measurements is that they are collected by subconscious responses from the participant. Traditional research methods are done at the cognitive level for measuring consumers thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards particular advertisements and products. What is difficult about cognitive assessment is that participants do not always tell the truth or may feel prone to respond in a particular way to please the researcher.

The Nielson Company is a well known research institution. Nielson measures subconscious feelings with a process they call consumer neuroscience. Nielson uses this method for consumer research to determine a consumers non-conscious response to brands, products, packaging, in-store marketing, advertising and entertainment content.

Nielson uses neuroscience methods to measure brainwave activity in real time, capturing purchase considerations at the moment they are formed in the brain. These brainwave measurements include: electroencephalography, eye tracking and galvanic skin responses. Nielson also has an EEG headset that can expand testing environments beyond the laboratory and into a home or store. Their consumer neuroscience research is done by their NeuroFocus department.

Using neuroscience for consumer research seems to be an excellent way to capture what is actually occurring in a consumers brain while being exposed to a type of media/product. With traditional measures it is difficult to tell if participants are actually telling the truth. If results aren't "truthful" they are not exactly helping the initial research goals. With portable technology that can be worn in external environments for field research, neuroscience seems to be improving toward a more accurate way of measurement. Although cognitive assessments are still helpful in measurement, neuroscience is a good way to support what the participant may be saying or to determine new subconscious information about ad placement, feelings toward a product or emotional responses.

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