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SNCR (Society for New Communications Research) is a global nonprofit research and education foundation and "think tank". At one can find sources of independent research as well as commissioned and sponsored research projects in the site's online research directory. Topics regarding media, journalism, PR, social media, business strategy, and various social technologies have been studied and can be found in SNCR's research directory. SNCR is sponsored by HP, Jive, Middleberg Communications and SAP.

While visiting the site, users can also participate in studies currently being conducted by SNCR. These internet studies may be more biased towards those "more familiar" with research methods and as we discussed in class, internet sampling only acquires respondents willing to participate. These respondents may also be those typically in communications fields, otherwise there are not many other reasons to why people would visit the non-profit's site.

For future references SNCR seems to be a great source of information regarding its research library with various publications and case studies. My only speculation comes from the fact that many of their research surveys are found on their own site. It doesn't seem like a diverse population of people would be representative of that sample. It's difficult to see any other reason to why those not in communication fields would visit their website and participate in their surveys. From this inference, the sample seems to have more similar knowledge on communication strategies than those in non communication fields.

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