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On November 14th, San Diego State University announced the opening of a new integrated regenerative research institute. An emerging medical field regarding tissue regeneration encompasses the power and healing potential of stem cells. The new institution brings together researchers from across the world from the private and public sectors to advance the area of tissue regeneration.

Researchers from SDSU and UCSD come together at this institute on a shared goal of understanding the fundamental processes of heart protection and regeneration with a long-term vision for therapeutic strategies. Tens of millions of dollars in funding from the NIH (National Institutes of Health), The National Science Foundation and the American Heart Association are committed in this institution. Their investment of regenerative medicine aims to teach the next generation of researchers.

This blog entry differs from previous entries. Previous entries focused on reported data and findings whereas this entry looks at the source of where information will be coming from. Although this research institution is science-based, more than communication-based, it has a communication goal of informing incoming/upcoming researchers. It makes the point that it hopes to teach researchers from all levels "from undergraduate to post-doctoral to junior faculty" about regenerative tissues.

Much of the research at this institution will be done to advance medicine, however, the procedure is similar to setting up research in communications. Before starting research, the SDSU center will have to go through the Institutional Review Board, which is discussed in our textbook on page 50 under research ethics. Under this "Common Rule", informed consent with patient compliance will be needed for this IRB.

Many of the ethical concerns in communication research are relative to the new SDSU institution. Patients will need to have the right to confidentiality or anonymity. Informing and reporting of research done at this institution will need to follow the guidelines of proper literature reviews and proprietary information. Reports need to acknowledge others, use appropriate language and avoid plagiarism. These are all aspects of communication research that will apply to this new research institution at San Diego State University.

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