May 7, 2008

Honors Presentations:

The group that presented for UN Millennium Development Goal number 8, develop a global partnership for development, did some fascinating research. Their focus was on communication through wireless means. They discussed how it would take years to set up ground lines like we have here in the states. They focused on Kenya as they are on the forefront of the movement towards a global partnership of development. In 2006 there were 2,000 cellular telephones in Kenya, today there are over 15,000. Having communication through telephones isn’t enough. Only 32% of East Africa gets power. How will they charge these phones if they can’t produce power. Solutions may result from solar panels. School children can build their own solar power panels in schools. At these schools, there are not a lot of books as talked about by another group, about 1 book for every 10 students. Dr. Sugata Mitra developed the “One Laptop Per Child? organization. This would give universal children’s laptops to underdeveloped countries to advance education. These laptops have chat, email, word documents and other necessities of youth. These can link up to other students and can help them study and develop together. It is part of the political agenda to fix the problem in other countries, the honors group that presented for goal 8 offered a solution to the problem.

The group that presented for UN Millennium Development Goal number 2, Achieve universal primary education, focused on research in Africa in towns were books don’t match the magnitude of students. They found, average class sizes were about 90 students and would have a book to student ratio of about 1 to 10. The goal of the group focuses on teaching mothers to become teachers to neighbors to keep classes’ small and many. If they were to break up the books for the 90 students you could reduce the ratio to get 3 book subjects for about 10 students. These mothers have very minimal educational experience so it would be important to older mothers and teachers to teach the new mothers so that the children of the future have a universal primary education they can participate in. The mothers could really make a difference in many children’s educational lives.

May 5, 2008

Volunteering for Homework N' Hoops

Homework N’ Hoops is an organization run through the Loring Nicollet Bethlehem Community Center located in ‘Uptown’ of Minneapolis. The program is designed to mentor urban children grades two to six, age’s eight to twelve; as a member of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota. The program lets kids have a place to go after school that will help them grow in the classroom and other ways while their parents are still at work or busy. Their mission is to connect more youth with quality mentoring and economic self-sufficiency experiences. The communication between the students and the mentors grows to be more than a teacher student relationship. The students are in charge of what they do during the program but are restricted to guidelines set forth by Homework N’ Hoops and of course, their mentor. The program involves schoolwork help from the mentor/tutor who also will help with other problems and needs of the student.

January 27
Training day:
Today was the first day I went to Loring Nicollet Bethlehem Community Centers for Homework N’ Hoops. I did not know what to really expect. I had watched the video posted on YouTube, but did not know how my student would react to me. It turned out that the first day I would not directly work with my partner. Me and another first time volunteer went over some important things that would be done and what should not be done in Homework N’ Hoops. Maurie talked with us about what he wanted the program to be and how we are helping these kids we are volunteering for. After talking with Maurie and Travis, we were given a tour of the facility, which was much bigger than I expected. The building was renovated from a church and now is a large building with lots of rooms, gathering spaces, gyms, game rooms, computer lab, and others. We watched some gym/free time and Maurie continued to tell us about Homework N’ Hoops. We were given directions on what to do for next time and was released to meet other volunteers and kids with a survey. It was a great way to meet the broad idea about the mood and feel of the environment.

February 10
Today, I worked with a boy named Ben who was a member of the black table. The tables are color coded from green to blue to orange to black for the males. I don’t remember the female colors. Rumors are circulating that the black table is trouble. They seemed to have the most commotion going on during the settling periods. Ben and I were introduced on the basketball court during gym time. I had hurt my knee and was not going to be able to play my best. I wanted to show Ben that I was a cool guy and was good at sports like he was obviously proving. I gave him a lot of good opportunities and chances to score. A lot of the time he did. After gym time we had snacks and then went to the library to read. I was really surprised how well he could read even nailing tranquilitist. After reading for a little over 15 minutes we filled out a sheet to gain points that the kids can spend like money to buy things from a store that comes to Homework N’ Hoops with items such as coloring books and footballs.

February 17
Computer Lounge:
On February 17th I was in charge of running the computer lab. I wasn’t very happy about this because I was unable to then go to gym/free time. When in charge of the library it is key to make sure every kid logs into their account and that the volunteer helpers go to any websites. The kids come in and tell you their name and you have to find their card with their ID and password. I stayed until the time was almost complete, then we had to shut down and return to the main gathering room. Maurie had some new announcements that needed to be noted by all the students. These announcements were concerning the marshmallow catapults that were built in school and brought home. They were not to be shot by the kids.

February 24
On February I was assigned to go to my kid who I introduced himself to me as “Nobody.? Abdulalim warmed to my humor pretty quick and we began to joke and have a good time. After going through a handful of other names including Mr. Pencil, we agreed that his name was in fact, Abdulalim. Abdulalim is a really good kid in comparison to some of the other members of Homework N’ Hoops. Abdulalim is nine years old, which from observation seems to be one of the younger males. Maurie rang his bell commencing the day. “Nancy is ready… Ben is ready… Abdulalim is ready…? Abdulalim likes to be recognized. The first day I volunteer back in January I had worn a belt with a large gold plated belt buckle which Abdulalim had commented that he wanted it. Today, he saw I was wearing it again and said he would trade his coat for it. We went over possible scenarios about why it would be good for both Abdulalim and me to trade. We also talked about the bad things; we agreed to keep our own things.

March 2
On March 2nd Abdulalim was not at Homework N’ Hoops so I shared tutoring Nancy with another volunteer. It was interesting to be working with a girl verse a boy because of their interests and what they want to do with the time. During free time almost all the boys go to the gym to play a sport. During free time, with the girls, we went to the game room and played a series of different games. We started with a carpet game where you roll a ball and try to knock objects. We also played ping-pong which was my doing. I am really good at ping-pong and wanted to show some moves to Nancy to see if she would find interest in the sport. She was not interested in anything I was trying to say but was nice while uninterested. After free time we went up and read a book between the three of us. We learned how to log our money into our checkbook for the store that was to come soon.

April 13
Abdulalim II:
On April 13th I worked with my favorite person at Homework N’ Hoops, Abdulalim. He is just the biggest jokester and is a blast. Instead of going to the gym like we normally do, we went to the computer lounge. I was not very excited about it because I am like any other kid, love physical activities. I think Abdulalim didn’t want to go to the gym because he is substantially smaller than the other boys and doesn’t get picked right away. I was happy to stay with Abdulalim. We went to the computer lab and played some games on the internet. After a couple of lame, unsuccessful games we went down for our snack. Today, they gave out string cheese in addition to a Nature Valley, Juice Box, and gummy snacks. Abdulalim was very excited about the string cheese and I guess I was too. He tried taking two string cheese and no gummy treats even though there was a sign that said only take one. Abdulalim isn’t’ the only one who likes string cheese obviously. After jokeing about string cheese for a while we worked on some math and rounding to whole numbers. After we did a couple of problems and Abdulalim completely lost interest we played an addition game with a ball with problems on it. We played that until it was time to go to the store. Abdulalim had saved up a lot of points and we went to the store when we were given permission. We looked at a lot of things to buy. He had saved up about 5200 points. He decided that he wanted a motorcycle that looked really cool for 2000 points. We had to ask the cashier to hold our item as we ran back to go get our checkbook. After writing our check we were free to leave. Abdulalim didn’t want to show anyone to see what he bough, but when some of the older boys saw, they looked like they wanted it.

April 28
Abdulalim III:
Today, Abdulalim was out of control. He had a friend that sat at our table to was making Abdulalim very excited and not wanting to do anything but be trouble. We started by our usual settling time but Abdulalim and his friend were hitting each other’s heads with their checkbooks, other kids joined in. After we calmed that down we went to the computer lab for some free time. Abdulalim would not get his note card with his information on logging in because he didn’t want to. He tried to get on for about 5 minutes, eventually going and getting his card. We played Bejeweled on the internet and he didn’t seem to understand the game concept, nor listen to me explain it. Our snack time was next and Abdulalim took my string cheese and gave it to someone else. After telling him that the string cheese he gave away was his and that the one in his hand was mine he wanted it back. He didn’t want to ask for it back and told me to. I asked him repeatedly nicely and finally he said, “That guy wants it back.? His friend was good at multiplying and we played a multiplication game, which he hated and didn’t want to play. We played that for the remainder of the time while Abdulalim smashed his crackers all over the table. We worked on multiplication for a while and eventually got him to clean up the mess he made. On my way to my truck when I was done, Abdulalim and his friend were walking with a teacher back to the school. Abdulalim and the other boy were wrestling to the teachers distaste. Abdulalim was out of control.

April 2, 2008

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March 12, 2008

6 is dull.

Coming up with creative and inventive styles that will set your portfolio or blog prompt apart from the rest is hard to find on the internet. It is also hard if you don't know how you would start to think of these creative ways of visually communication to the reader. These presentations of style and documentation is what can really set any project apart. Presentation is key. You have to awe and inspire, make them think but not question. These images have to communicate your feelings as well as the emotion of the image or formate of documentation. I have been searching for some styles I like but still haven't found exactly what I am looking for. Here are some that I like right now.

I like how he is standing out loud. I would like to have something like this, involving a flag. Letting people from other countries that we also fight just causes.

I just like clay-mations

Of course it is necessary to have pictures within text, and a nice proportion of white space to text to image.

This is kindof lame example, but you get what I mean.

This one is really cool. I really like the deep black and the red and greens throughout the portfolio. It is covering a few topics within picture and image. Both are strong representations and display very nicely.

Computer generated models are always strong.

This will all be interesting to see how the project progresses and see what images and resources we will have access to in order to present and excellent final portfolio of our research and ideas.

March 2, 2008

365 New Movements.

Throughout this world, lives are lived as though there were no other way. This is the truth. Some cultures of people don't know what is beyond their own. Pros and cons to both lead different people down the path to find something to what their life is going to be. Different people face different conflict, opposition and capabilities. Shown in the slides from class, different people face different geographical difficulty due to their inhabited land. They learn to live through and go day to day. Because they know no different. They don't know about the people miles and miles below them driving Aston Martins and staying at the Hyatt Palace while they cling to the cliff tops.



Man, Isn't that Bond car awesome? That would be the life, and then the second picture would not. Different people face these different aspects of their lives. I have different dilemmas and successes from others. I was all state in soccer and pole vaulting, also am a competitive wake-boarder in the summers. I have had 2 surgeries on my knees and a third this coming spring break. These have been critically effective of me because it limited my success in those areas. I have been given a chance at wakeboarding and have found it my home for living on a lake. (Note. blog entry H20)

The built environments has played a role in every aspect of my life. Being percicely correct in calculating my rotation on the wakeboard to not over-rotate or under-rotate is a sort of framework that effects me. These rotations that come back to the original can be seen as a clockwork. A clockwork of my life is my summers. I wake up early and go to my job, work for 8 or so hours, then come back and go on the boat. All followed by the next symmetric day. How my life is effected by oppositions, in relation to man and physical nature is when my parents say I can not go on the lake because I have to clean my room. Or, when it is thunder and lightening outside, it prohibits me from both work and play, because I work underwater and play ontop. Gravity holds me to this earth but sometimes...

I defy gravity.

I don't really experience the problems through phenomena's because I lead a pretty privileged life in America. I can understand how many things can be effected through different aspects of frameworks and clockworks as they co-relate and reconnect with their beginnings, if you build up, the world wants to rip it down to the ground. This can turn to a phenomena that is ever present with gravity and natural elements.

The Baraka movie we started to watch on Tuesday was very cool. It was neat to see different people adapt do different elemental problems and barriers and turn them into their way of life that actually stabilizes them. The people who irrigated the entire sides of mountains in order to grow their food in, or the monkeys that bath and bask in the heated pools high in the cold mountains. These places would seem inhabitable, but they manage through the frameworks and clockworks, without strain from phenomena and working through oppositions. This way of life is almost coveted by me. It is so cool to see these ways of lives. But wakeboarding and my new 24" rims keeps me in close proximity to my own way of life.

February 26, 2008


Here we go, another aspect of my blog that Ozayr will undoubtedly talk about on Thursday. Struggle. But my blog is my blog so here we go.



These properties are located on Lake Minnetonka. The way these properties are presented is completely different. Of course the are not the correct properties to compare because of their acreage and shoreline offered. But there are many things that can make a lake shore property impressive. Living on a small peninsula or a rounding curve with ample view of the lake. Or having lawn to an edge, like an acropolis, down to the lake below. I have seen such properties, they are works of sheer beauty. Then you turn around.

Homes on many Minnesota lakes are unimpressive. I work on these properties daily during the summer and find myself disgusted with many. Definitely, some people do not care about the same things I do, I like to splurge and show off maybe a little. My viewpoint on lake homes as that they are all luxury solely because they live on coveted land. Living on a lake is a asset, and people pay for it. Many lake properties are not able to be change. The 40ft lakeshore home built in the 60s as a cabin resting feet from the main road. All of this on a declared .5 acre. I hate these homes. I would like to design high end homes on lakes. Not only the homes, but the landscape as well. I would like to work with homes and properties with potential. I would not like to say luxury, but truly, the price of construction and landscape, not to mention the land itself, it will cost quite a bit. Most Lake Minnetonka lakeshores can be sold for a minimum of $1 million, no matter the size. Adding a modest 3500sqft home can put the property easily into the $2 million range. My homes will sell for $2.2 - $7 million. Of course that will be in 40+ years. But I would like to design some new and creative ways to both enjoy the lake from home, but to enjoy the homes from the lake.

If the 'architecture school' released me, I would start with early designs for what the lake will be like in 40 years. I would need to conduct some serious research with the Global Warming issue and all sorts of agricultural and other natural factors that could change both the landscape and how the lake is perceived. This all, of course, is to make the most ethical and moral way of designing architecturally successfully.


I have ran into many unpleasing properties with my experience with the lake. During the summer, I work for Waterfront Restoration as a Dive Technician. Our company removes the invasive vegetation that grows under the water. It is a pretty nice job and it keeps me close to my one passion. The lake. I have lived on a lake my entire life and I would never want to live anywhere else. So many aspects are so close to me. I am a competitive wakeboard rider and go wakeboarding daily. My summers consist of nothing but being outside on the lake. I have H20 tattooed on my shoulder. That feeling is what I want to express with my work. Many homes on the lake are not embracing beauty while others are not even accepting the opportunity given. You see these 1980s ramblers tucked deep within woods unbathed by the lake. This is a shame.


Homes like this are seen on Lake Minnetonka no doubt, as this one is located in Orono on the lake. Other prestigious homes exist as well. During high school I valeted a couple of times at a home that was hosting a non-profit event. This home had a full gym, trampoline room, ball room (where stomp performed for us), skyline over the driveway to the main house. The main room on this home was exquisite. A large windows looking over the lake as a grand marble spiral staircase rose. The house was sold recentely for $28 million dollars and was split into 7 separate lots. The 5 homes on the property were taken down, renovated and ready to build. Built what? well, that is hopefully for me to decide in 40 years.

February 17, 2008

My Hippocampus.

my goal is to eradicate extreme poverty & hunger. My group and I met for the first time yesterday and talked about broad understanding of what we should try to aim for. Later, further along the process, we will find exact thing to investigate. I think we have some pretty big policy ideas that could work out well.

What my playlists and quotes and pictures have to do with my topic is; let a laid back person run the world. I for one, know that it would be a very pleasant world. People would get helped if they wanted, and if other people didn't want help, don't. I seem to enjoy life, because I have a great one, but we need to keep it in mind that other people need our help. We need to focus and fix this terrible thing plaguing our planet. It is crazy how thousands and thousands of people are dying of starvation and diseases and other terrible ways in poverty torn countries.

But look, here comes Group 1 to save the world.

February 11, 2008

My power.

So a neat social-design issue in the twin cities is LRT. The LRT got me to work everyday, after of course I drove my truck to balance the eco down the shiv. Yes, I am talking about light rail transit: judged best way to the fair. It says so on my shirt actually, muscle tee at that. Wore it pole vaulting in high school, went to state, vaulted in the top competitors of the state. Just a neat fun fact about blog author.

My Blog

LRT- took me from the Humphrey Terminal to the Lindbergh Terminal. Most days it was right on time. Except I think it was Thanksgiving Eve we had a storm. Got to the LRT at like 1, sat and was then told it was closed, the metro buses stopped running, not even a taxi bus driver when asked by a nice 40 year old father to drop us on the way. Offered to pay. The walk would have been treacherous compared from the 5 3 minute rail ride. The mile was upon us, luckily, our boss drove back from home, jumped into the mechanics van and picked all 5 of us up. 2 seats, driver and passenger. IQ is low in my line of work. I run into some very interesting people. One guy, Marco, is probably 35, overweight (slightly for American), and has a strong tie to anime. Like the subtitled epilogues. Real anime. Marco.

With the interesting people that come out of this great state, locally we are bound to have some with an opinion. Not to sound negative but it is true. In the government's document of the light rail was a survey given to the public to gather information about their interests. This information is gathered from a demographic of the city collected from some mapping systems. Where the opinions lead people to

The stations in which all passengers must abide are designed by architect's who clam to achieve "community interaction, creativity and originality," to everyone its beholder. I have seen some sleek downtown stations and the terminal station is quite impressive with visible overhead piping with technology silver frames being suspended below. It is impressive and it works.

The stations around the twin cities area on the Hiawatha Line are designed with a social based components. After surveying the community. They created something that the people were not disgruntled about when they saw it, and represents Minneapolis for what is it.

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February 3, 2008

What has the power?

The idea inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's work about energy, flow and transformation is something specific to each individual person. Andy Goldsworthy speaks with his work through the natural element. This natural element is something that is felt by him and no other quite the same. The idea of the natural element is profoundly influential on an individual. Andy Goldsworthy feels such a connection working with fundamental pieces of the land. He feels the energy within those peices. That energy, when harnessed, will be able to move about, from Andy Goldsworthy's perspective, on a curving line. I have concluded, after long contemplation, that this energy gained from your "natural element" will then be circumvented into flow. This flow is the movement of that energy. Without flow, the energy would be built up in the certain location of the natural element, leading to quite pleasant fields, but nonetheless, unhelpful to society. The idea of helping society is what brings me to my last point about transformation. The energy of your natural element when put into flow can ultimately encourage and sometimes even force feelings, emotions, and actions upon you. These actions can be normal or the unknown. These actions are then what begin to define you. The natural element doesn't change you, it proclaims you. Realization and misunderstanding both can lead you into new subjects and ideas that are usually feasible though the understanding of the energy and what it can be done with it. The picture is my attempt to find what could be your natural element. Something that helps define you, something that is special and meaningful to you. One love.

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February 2, 2008