Analysis: Leads (Man hurt outside bar by a hug)

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In the Chicago Tribune article regarding a man who was stabbed outside of a bar in Chicago, the lead definitely hit some of the key points that are necessary to have. First of all, it led with the who (a 24-year old man). Second, it got the what (he was hospitalized after being stabbed by a man who was seemingly going to give the man a hug). Third, it got the when (early in the morning). Finally, it got the where (outside of a Wrigelyville dance bar).

Overall, the lead seems to be somewhat detailed. Parts of the lead weren't horribly specific, for example the who and the when. Parts of it were more detailed, like the what, which in this case, really needs to be specific because it is so strange. But, at the same time, if the lead were not as specific, less straightforward, it could potentially make the article and topic even more interesting.

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