Analysis: Structures (Greek Parliament passes austerity plan)

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The reporter has summarized the important elements in what seems to be a logical manner in the story regarding the Greek austerity plan from the New York Times.

The information is ordered in what seems to be an inverted pyramid, which is a common format for news writing. The reporter starts off the article with quite general information, and then narrows in with increasingly more and more detail.

It is a pretty effective way to approach the topic. It's nice to not be bombarded with some random details that may be too dense to start off with. The reader is guided into the story in a somewhat gentle approach. However, once the reader gets further and further into the article, they may become bored with the subject matter and just stop reading it altogether. If the article would have begun with a more interesting and eye-catching statement, one may be more inclined to actually read it more thoroughly, or read it at all.

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Great job on the blog, Julia. Keep it up. GG

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