Before beginning this assignment, I watched a few episodes of a funny animated TV show on Cartoon Network called Regular Show to get the creative juices flowing. I like the idea of watching or doing something creative or humorous before starting a creative assignment, it works as sort of a mental warm-up for your mind. The Regular Show was a great choice as a creative mental warm-up, as in this show they always have ridiculous solutions to seemingly simple and obvious problems. Watching this show reminded me of the "more than one right answer" thing that we talked about in class, as the two main characters in this show usually have rather odd and non-obvious solutions to normal problems. For example, the episode I watched was about cleaning their room, and instead of simply cleaning it, Rigby decides to get a movable wall to divide the room around the mess.

While doing this "mental warm-up" I jotted down ideas for a mental mind map of the winter theme. I came up with a lot of the same ideas that we had discussed in class, and found that I was able to branch out a little more after getting in the creative mood. Here is what I came up with for my mental map:

winter mind map.jpg

The three sub-themes that I decided to focus on are Winter hats, winter commuting, and comfort food.

From here, I decided to move onto the 10 silly product ideas by using a method we used in class; Cross-Products. I like this method because I was able to somewhat arbitrarily pick something I came up with on my winter mind-map and think of a random every day object it could be combined with in a strange (hopefully creative) way. I found this activity fun, and I think doing it while watching cartoons helped the creative process and my ability to come up with non-obvious solutions that may be silly and ridiculous.

silly idea 1.jpg

For the first idea I combined a scarf with a toothbrush, to create a winter-themed toothbrush that could wrap around your wrist while brushing to keep your hand warm. Definitely ridiculous, and probably messy and not very useful, but fun nonetheless.

silly idea 2.jpg

For the second idea, I combined a winter hat with a cell-phone to come up with hands-free hat holster device for your smartphone. One of the ear-flaps would have a little pocket for the phone to slide into.

silly idea 3.jpg

For idea 3, I combined a winter mitten with a coffee cup to come up with a coffee mitten-sleeve. Pretty self-explanatory.

silly idea 4.jpg

For idea 4, I combined the idea of a cookie cutter with a snowshoe. The snowshoe's grip on the bottom would be in the winter-themed shapes (i.e. Christmas tree) to create a fun imprint in the snow when you walk around with it on.

silly idea 5.jpg

For idea 5, I created a similar idea to the snowshoe imprint but this time with a winter bike tire. This winter tire would have winter-themed treads that press fun shapes into the snow while you bike.

silly idea 6.jpg

For idea 6, I combined a wreath with a sled to create a Wreath-sled! So a round sled covered in wreath that you sit in. Festive!

silly idea 7.jpg

Probably my most practical idea, number 7 is a pair of headphones lined with flannel fabric. Cause why not.

silly idea 8.jpg

This may well already exist, but sounds delicious to me nonetheless. A "hotdish" made up of winter desserts. Yum.

silly idea 9.jpg

Idea 9 combines ice skates with a pencil or other drawing device to create skates that would "draw" designs on the ice while you skate. They would dispense ink or dye into the track left by the skate to create colorful ice designs.

silly idea 10.jpg

Last but not least, idea 10 is an amalgamation of disco ball and pine tree. Disco-tree! Or as I like to call it, Pine-Ball!

I found it fairly beneficial to be mentally warmed up for these creative assignments, and I think I might just have to make it a habit to watch the Regular Show before doing homework. Sounds productive.


I've never seen that show-- I'll have to check it out. I agree, it really does help to do something fun or funny before doing this type of exercise. Your mind map and product idea images were good, with the small criticism that they are a little blurry. Try to improve the image quality for next time. Your product idea drawings were great, though. My favorite of your ideas was the winter hat with the built-in cell phone holder on an ear flap. That's actually a great idea to free up your hands in the winter so you can put them in your pockets to keep warm! I would definitely buy it. :)

I have also not seen that show. It sounds like you did your mind map while watching the show. That's an interesting way of approaching the assignment.

A tip for the next assignment, use a scanner or brighten the images up in Photoshop. I really recommend the scanner idea. It worked pretty well for me. Also, watched the fingers and maybe crop your images a little bit more.

Your ideas are really creative. My favorite one is where you combined the cookie cutter and the bike tire. That's really cool. You could even make other seasonal prints to change throughout the year. I feel like little kids would love that.

I really thought including the “cross products” on the sketch of the product idea was nice, it really helps show your thought process nicely! One possible improvement in the sketches is writing more carefully/slowly, so it has a more professional look. (I’m not sure if you were in the sketching class, where Barry talked about writing carefully for a good first impression, but it is worthwhile.)

I thought the cookie cutter + snowshoe combination was especially cool!

I think there is probably room to explore the space further in your mind map, but I would say it’s reasonable as is.

One other (minor) suggestion: you made nice images for being photos, but they would look much nicer if you scanned them in instead!

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