Course Outline and Assigned Readings

January 22 : First Class

  • Introductions
  • Reviewing the syllabus, layout of the course, and blog

January 29: The Three R's and an Overview

February 5: Elites vs. The Masses

February 12: Polarization

February 19: Separation of Powers and Gridlock

February 26: Interest Groups and Inequality

March 5: Federalism and State Government

March 12: Political Feasibility Memo Workshop

March 26: Agenda Setting

  • Kingdon, Chapters 1-3 and Appendix on Methods

April 2: Problems, Policies, and Political Streams

  • Kingdon, Chapters 4-7

April 9: Policy Windows

  • Kingdon, Chapters 8-10

April 16: The Media, Framing, and Strategy

April 23: The Blame Game

April 30: Finding Success

May 7: Political Feasibility Memo Review

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