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A close view of the countryside

Our trip to Amatlan was a journey farther than a 45 minute ride. Cobblestone or dirt roads to dirt yards, small homes the size of sheds in America, and dish washing outdoor stands with goldfish swimming in the holding tank. Horses were in the pastures contained by fences less extensive than Civil War era fencing in the NE states. Families cooked in what we would know as a "summer kitchen" on the farm.

Regardless, families seemed to work together. Several generations were involved, and extended families provided support to the enterprise. Children held a major role in the work, having jobs to do. I was surprised that one of the men was serving dishes of food, as that seemed odd in a renouned "macho" environment.

The sounds of the small village included roosters crowing, children laughing, men working and saws buzzing. Small bus' (vans) picked up mother's and bablies at the street corners to take them somewhere. And as everywhere in Mexico, homes and yards were surrounded by walls and gates.