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A country so close but yet far away

Fourteen years ago I had the blessing of being part of the FD European Family Study Tour. Now I can add a uniquely different FD study tour to the resume. Both have enriched me greatly. This recent experience immersed me in a culture with an ancient history on the same continent that I'd not spent any 'quality time' in (a 2-day visit to Ensinada on the Baja 38 years ago hardly counts). I learned so much about recognizing the richness of the indiginous people and their melding with those that came from other lands. When I reviewed some of the printed materials we received prior to the trip, I know I didn't truly understand the meaning of 'liberation theology' prior to the experience. I know there's much more to learn but I'm beginning to understand what that is about. And it will be important to keep that in mind personally and professionally, when I work with a group who has newly migrated here. I'm also trying to find a personal life application of this awareness, probably through my faith community which reaches out to a large Latino population.