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Family Communication

I learned so much through our Mexico travels!! I was fascinated by Mexican history, architecture, and interacting with the people we met! I especially enjoyed the home stay experience, as we found the communication process to be so rewarding! I was able to practice my Spanish skills, and was actively involved in verbal and nonverbal communication....quite an experience. Our host family was so kind in helping us to communicate. Through the communication process, we laughed a lot, asked many questions and learned so much from eachother!!! We were even invited back for Christmas and any other time we would travel to Mexico. I learned the importance of communicating even if language might be a challenge, as we have so much in common! My travel experiences were so rewarding and fun! I will certainly look at everything differently in my professional and personal life. I hope to find further opportunities to practice my Spanish, llearn more about the culture, and find ways to share education.