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Liberation theology and the Indigenous people

One learning that fascinated me and took me by surprise is the whole notion of liberation theology. While originally, liberation theology began with church members who were aghast at the treatment of the indigenous people and poor rural and urban populations, liberation theology (bringing justice to the poor, the oppressed through activism) appears to have permeated the collective consciousness of the Mexican people. We saw this in Diego Rivera's paintings and at the history museum, heard about it from Nacho the spiritual leader at Amatlan, from the sisters of Guadalupe (even in the story of Maria de Guadalupe), from taxi drivers to our home stay families. It was interesting how values of collective activism or solidarity as key to social justice was discussed over and over.

I am not sure yet how this will figure into my work...but I am definitely wearing a new lens (at least a much clearer lens) when exploring cultural issues and interpreting data from Latino families!