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Mary's entry

There has been so much written about the study tour and all that we learned. For me what we learned at the convent on the importance of the Virgen de Guadalupe to the Hispance people was very interesting and timely. As a Catholic, I had not heard of the Virgin Mary being seen in Mexico by an Indigenous person so many years ago. At the convent we learned a great deal about the significance of Mary showing herself to an indigeneous person, rather than a Spanierd, and all the symbolism pertaining to the picture we saw. We have a large Hispanic population in my community of Cold Spring. For a number of years, the Catholic church has had a type of community center for the Hispanic people in the area called Casa Guadalupe. I am making the leap that the name of the community center is tied to the Virgen de Gaudalupe.

Previously, the NEA has had some type of programming with the Hispanic youth at Casa Guadalupe. I would like to explore with the NEA possible nutrition education opportununities with the Hispanic adults in the community and possible summer programming with the youth. I also plan to provide training to the NEAs on what I learned on the study tour. The information shared with the NEAs should have a postitive impact on how they relate and provide education to the Hispanic people in our region.


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