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The Mexican Adventure

The study group to Mexico was an experience that I am very thankful for. The opportunities were so rich and I feel like I have learned so much. The structure of the learning process was very well thought out. Spending the first 2 days soaking up the history of the indigenous peoples and Cultures of Mexico prepared us for the day spent with Nacho, the spirtual leader at Amatlan. Hearing him talk about the the priorties of that Culture and the blend of the old with new religion was very helpful in understanding the importance of tradition, family, and community for many Mexican people. The shopping tour day was a great learning experience for me, both from the view point of not knowing language, money rate, or where I was going ; and also from the work we did in our groups of breaking down the true cost. To really understand the number of hours worked to buy basic food items was very helpful in understanding why so many immigrants leave family and risk breaking the law to come to America. Our session on the nutrition research project the Nutrition Center, and the Health presentation at Camel, told us so much about
issues of health and nutrition in Mexico. Lack of information, lack of insurance, and no school lunch are just a few of their concerns. I hope that we can use what we have learned about the Mexician culture and issues to make stronger connections with our immigrant community here in Mn.