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Women's Cooperative

On Thursday, February 5, a group went to the Women's Cooperative. This was a powerful experience, as we learned about the Light and Liberty classes held for women with the support of their church. A group of about five women formed the cooperative about fifteen years ago, and provided non-formal education in nutrition, self-esteem, craft-making and bible study. The classes reminded me of the grass-roots educational programming done by the University of Minnesota Extension. They also served a meal as part of our presentation. They served foods they prepared in their nutrition classes on low cost protein sources. We were served tuna extended with TVP, a soy protein salad, gluten (it looked a lot like liver), and a dessert. Again, this reminded me of the work we do with the nutrition education programs in Minnesota.


I also visited the Women's Cooperative. I was so impressed with this group of women who are actually do "extension" work as volunteers. One of the thoughts toward the close of our time there was that we can share some of our resources that we have in Spanish. They in turn hope to share a cookbook with us when it is complete. I hope we will follow through with that. If/when we do, we will want to evaluate which resources in Spanish would be helpful and appropriate fro us to share with them. It was a wonderful opportunity to see "grass roots' in action - as Kelly said.