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In 2010, Extension Educators in the Center for Family Development participated in a Center wide Environmental scan. As part of the scan the educators interviewed people and businesses in their regions on issues facing families. In the West Central (Morris) region, our team interviewed many individuals, businesses and community centers. One such center was a large Lutheran church in Grant County. As I interviewed the pastor, it occurred to me what a great location for community programming, especially considering the meeting space and kitchen facilities. Of course, that led THIS dietitian and yoga teacher to think of cooking classes, stress management classes and... you name it! This isn't a new idea; I'm sure classes like this do occur in church basements all the time. But, that all led me to think about a nice complement to the role of a Parish Nurse. Why not... a Parish Nutritionist? .
One thing led to another, and I submitted the Parish Nutritionist idea as part of last year's Minnesota Open Ideas Contest http://www.mnideaopen.org/search/node/parish%20nutritionist. My excitement grew as I became a semi-finalist in the contest.
So, now what? In completing a Time and Gifts form at a church that I was attending, I suggested the Parish Nutritionist idea. With encouragement from the pastor and members, this idea is taking hold! This blog will be where I'll share what works, what doesn't, and I hope you'll share your ideas, too.

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