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toward a loonism

well we've got jst another few hours before the year turns. it really doesn't mean anything special to me, all that jazz about how to better oneself for the next year. I spend enough time thinking about that crap during the year and it doesn't seem to fit very will into a druken "last night on the town" sort of mold. if it's time to push it all behind and start anew, why kick it off with such beligerance? seems just wrong to me. so as I may find myself stumbling, dizzy, over-fizzed and a tad smashed later this eve, i now contemplate just how much it will take to turn the night ahead into something.... well, fun. i guess there's just too much on the line on nights like these that i just don't seem to be able to keep it all under wraps, it gets dis-razzled pretty quick when the liquor's flowing good. anyway, if anything i've got to remeber to try very hard to keep myself from maiming any lifeforms, especially myself this evening. also should probably watch out for a few friends, cab's are free if i recall.
well what's to do? fireworks and a bonsifre was one way, also urban rummagings seem to overtake the general plan as most valid. we shall see.
oh, a few resolutions i suppose:
-put myself out there more
-accept losses, mistakes, and total fuck-ups.
-set dealines for personal work
-don't stare at people so much (you know what i mean)

anyway, that's it for now. i've got plenty of time to keep writing though so i'll continue on some off tangent streak which may some day come to define that process which i have given so little to in the long run. it seems again that to publish such mockery of stanza doesn't really hit me too left, in fact i remain starlight backdrop and all a blaze as far as i can tell.