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lets take a sad minute

well it's not long before the sun finally comes out. it's been 16 days without a drop of sunlight. then this morning, a blaze of silver donned the land and shadows found themselves again. miraculous. did well for the mood i must say, also splitting wood in the backyard was a quick fun with the Dad. generally it appears as if i'm coming out of the brief funk incurred last week, perhaps it's my system finally ridding itself of the high doses of poison i'd been ingesting. most people call it beer & booze. f'in poison.
well, the lady is no tramp. it's been written. not totally confirmed but it's just my opinion. actually i haven't yet met the woman whom i refer to but i can count on running into her at least if my premonition has any merit. which it may or may not, at least with regard to my sex drive. dreamt about a click of trannies, who really weren't just men who'd had surgery. the real thing. luckily it was only a dream. despite my preferences i can say honestly that i'd do much better to get involved with an actual girl. i know i'd be missing out on a few extras, but it's just so much more natural.
anyway, gotta head to the print shop for a bit. shells, they say. fractal shells. should turn out allright, we'll see.