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some new stuff

The new year, all glory, so much pain and a good dose of liminals. It wasn't like it had too much to do with the other side of the past, but more along the lines of "welp, yeah i guess thats a year". I can't really complain, probably won't and certainly shouldn't, but for now i'll take a moment...
I need new friends. I already have a friend, but we don't live in the same town and I shouldn't be drinking that much anyway. So some assortment of individuals with whom I can collaborate toward the appraisal of moments seems like a good bet. My experiences with my roomates, with whom I share many habits, actually do not encompass the complete vibe which I could pallate. So some acquiantances that may share my vision for a sparkling, dismal future may just fit me right.
I need a job. Ought to find something in my field. This requires forwardness and probably a failure, or perhaps just a few generally bitter drags. Besides that it's a great way to get some excitement and some self esteem.
We'll there ain't much else to put in front of me. Now, about what to put behind I do wonder...
-visions of grandjouer
-blunts when I shouldn't have
-passiveness in the face of action
-those pesky binges
That oughta do it.
Renewal bakes lucid across the dim shades of brown and grey. Here comes the wind again.