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toward widget mongering

I didn't really do much the past few days. Create, myself told me but it didn't really seem like there was all too much there to say. Well anyway, I don't suppose that it's going to be too long before I've got not enough time to really get into that which I suppose I ought to be doing without any real reason why except for that it sounds like a place to be. What am I? Prolific young mind on the way toward a career? I feel like an amateur scientist, magician, and artist without the right energy to really get into all three. Yet that's my goal, that's what I want with myself (for now). I don't really know why I've come to use the term magician, which what I really mean is 'energy practitioner'. Hmm, that sounds a little better. So maybe perhaps I ought to make a list of things to do:
Make a resume, advertise myself perhaps.

+media designer/fabricator
+system modeling
+energy control/propagation/manipulation\
+dream consciousness (auditory trance)

How to get there? For the professional goal, it all begins with a standard interface to media. Namely, pixel level support and build up from there. Looks like the immediate things are a small image creation library. Actually, those already exist. So just go straight to some generic programming examples and a quick sketch of the Holon 'attitude' in c++; hmm, sounds like a good way to describe what I’m trying to do. Not really a language, just an attitude for using c++ to generalize dynamics.