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May 22, 2006

little run finger cookies

a chance occurance of substantialism remenated through porous moods, and was soon left to whim. crack like baseball bats and a curse lay heavy next to a broken board. gone behind the windowsill, riding laughing on our steeds. homage tho thier way which left us smitten with disgust. contempt breeds amoung the fishes, silently, without reason. rumours of seaside beverages being tipped toward the sand. a dry long nap and salty lips. the only thing left between us. a shared fright as we saw we. better of on our own now, placid and wandering. memory spawns hope.
you're wasting your time like this, so anxious passive. mellowride earthwaves midplaced inside the out. conjoined strangers walk amoungst us, questioning and lauging. lets say we make a day of it tommorrow.

stop a silly saviour
on her path to death
look beneath the window
that cries between her breasts
run amoung the follies
that rise within her breath
haunt the blessed rhythms
that bid you put them rest

May 21, 2006

a whisper of expectation

she wanted a big surprise, and yet we were drunk.
uhhmm , savor long moments in a steamy dream
lost amongst a curve anointed with secret tastes
tongue rhythms slowly draining time and pain toward nether places
a quick trip down past the navel, and it was suddenly too much
let it go, slept uncomfortable, cold, jittery, and took a cab home.
"cab?!" with feigned disgust from a groggy host as I walked out ahead of her through the door. something about petroleum didn't sit well
soon she declared her makeup had sat better the following eve. I didn't really make the distinction myself, enamored by the sea green sparkle above her eyes.
her eyes change color with her mood, and it wasn't until the next time i saw her that the deep green had crowned her pupils. booze heated blood had conjured some aged magnificence within her gaze, and i began at that moment to be sold.
my sight of her waned with the hours. a dismal walk home, my giddiness squandered. the night had seen many curious paths twist about each other, a quickening of peasant history, which was like looking through mud from within the currents.
another night, this time sober. i was tired, hopeful, a little naive and shy of step. as the closing credits began to roll she left the guests abruptly. i'd set myself up to feel like i'd deserved more of a goodnight. that was a mistake, who cares how big. haven't heard from her since.

we met when we was drinking
and we hit it off alright
since then i seen you three times
and we was wasted twice
the last time that i saw you
i looked into your eyes
and now i wish i hadn't
although it sure was nice

although i've expectations
i sure can't hold em high
you know i heard you say that
you're the hedonistic type

May 5, 2006

as the rummage softens

There wasn't much left to do these, days, a million little vessels all scrumming about as they wept toward the center of the universe. I knew I should have been outside the hull of the craft as we went through deepspace, but I was there with them anyway, gazing at infinity. As we passed through heavier, brighter regions, we scrambled to hide behind thick panes, searching for a recess in which to hide from some blaze. Soon the captains noticed were were beyond our means, we quickly landed on some new fresh place, the deep rumble of void turning our steps into liquid charge. As this new world materialized around us and the abstract meta-reality of deepspace travel wore away, soft looming clouds searched for a sun beyond the deep navy horizon we behld from a dim coast. It was difficult, ominous at first and most of us had little more than a few bits and pieces with which to construct a footing.
There was some power at work, using us, a compassionite cool choas that remained indifferent to our flesh.We had been found out there in the deep, as we stepped outside that silver cocoon, yearing for that which bounded physica, fools trying to use our hands and eyes to touch a cosmic life that barely left shadows as it danced with galaxies. Our helmsmen were quite displeased. I daresay they even may remember how naieve we became amoung those astral landscapes, the beauty muting our instincts, drawing us toward what tiny planet-creatures could never understand.
Our caretakers' concern, misunderstood at first, soon had apparent reason once we had been brought down to terra. While exploring our new camp, a slow hazy ring seeped in from the higher planes. It was like a silent, wise, mischevious tune, filling us with inspiration toward some ominous goal we knew knothing about. Some turned inward at the sight of the new majesty that we had been caught by while outside the starship. Some danced, cried and lost thier bowels. A few began to kill.
The planet at first was rife with mineral, inanimate form which showed no growth and seemed to soak up the twilight. Soon though, there became linear forms, the sign of intelligence and we mostly grew afraid and gluttonous. The new song that had taken into our bodies imparted upon us some feeling that all around us could be an agent of this power within us, and that we had a right to fear for our existance. It wasn't long before we were all alone, each finding our own places to contend with what we now were.
I came among a monolith of deep blue glass structures, mostly a couple thousand meters high, with the tips glowing in the dawn. It was beautiful, resonant, and terrifying. But you couldn't help feel that you were meant to be exposed to that astral void, that our bodies were meant to catch that pure humming taste that was so far beyond us that we were now changed forever, if not crippled by the infinity which had come amoung us.