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a whisper of expectation

she wanted a big surprise, and yet we were drunk.
uhhmm , savor long moments in a steamy dream
lost amongst a curve anointed with secret tastes
tongue rhythms slowly draining time and pain toward nether places
a quick trip down past the navel, and it was suddenly too much
let it go, slept uncomfortable, cold, jittery, and took a cab home.
"cab?!" with feigned disgust from a groggy host as I walked out ahead of her through the door. something about petroleum didn't sit well
soon she declared her makeup had sat better the following eve. I didn't really make the distinction myself, enamored by the sea green sparkle above her eyes.
her eyes change color with her mood, and it wasn't until the next time i saw her that the deep green had crowned her pupils. booze heated blood had conjured some aged magnificence within her gaze, and i began at that moment to be sold.
my sight of her waned with the hours. a dismal walk home, my giddiness squandered. the night had seen many curious paths twist about each other, a quickening of peasant history, which was like looking through mud from within the currents.
another night, this time sober. i was tired, hopeful, a little naive and shy of step. as the closing credits began to roll she left the guests abruptly. i'd set myself up to feel like i'd deserved more of a goodnight. that was a mistake, who cares how big. haven't heard from her since.

we met when we was drinking
and we hit it off alright
since then i seen you three times
and we was wasted twice
the last time that i saw you
i looked into your eyes
and now i wish i hadn't
although it sure was nice

although i've expectations
i sure can't hold em high
you know i heard you say that
you're the hedonistic type


Q; why so gloomy dipsy shroomy?
cry like loonies at the sight of a booty.
you're a mistake, tell 'angie' i said that >>!