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little run finger cookies

a chance occurance of substantialism remenated through porous moods, and was soon left to whim. crack like baseball bats and a curse lay heavy next to a broken board. gone behind the windowsill, riding laughing on our steeds. homage tho thier way which left us smitten with disgust. contempt breeds amoung the fishes, silently, without reason. rumours of seaside beverages being tipped toward the sand. a dry long nap and salty lips. the only thing left between us. a shared fright as we saw we. better of on our own now, placid and wandering. memory spawns hope.
you're wasting your time like this, so anxious passive. mellowride earthwaves midplaced inside the out. conjoined strangers walk amoungst us, questioning and lauging. lets say we make a day of it tommorrow.

stop a silly saviour
on her path to death
look beneath the window
that cries between her breasts
run amoung the follies
that rise within her breath
haunt the blessed rhythms
that bid you put them rest