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acham lel nibium

It was rummy outside, gray, stormy, shadows, night but lit from beneath. we were at the grandmas cabin. i looked out the front door, and saw a shiny icon on the hill. i wondered what it could be. I came inside, realized it was a signal. i was thought ,"you still have time, get your things. then the devil comes". I went upstairs, my family was all through the house. someone lay on the table in the middle of the room. I found my found, supplies, etc. as soon as I had them, I felt lady rabb descend into the body on the table. I felt my hand get warm, reiki started to flow through me and out my hands. the table was pulling my hands toward it, i had to place them on Leah's body as she lay there. I couldn't drive the lady out, Edith woke up during this and I came to wakefullness. the flow continued though, but I was awake too long to continue addressing it directly. the signal on the hill, the Icon. they are looking out, I can feel it now. I must remember, "get your things, there is enough time. and then the devil comes".