December 11, 2006

women make movies

ok i just found a website thats a good resource for our film series. check it out if you like, i have linked a page on the site under search results for reproductive rights.

i like that we are celebrating roe v wade with The Abortion Diaries, now lets think ahead to some other topics concerning the pro-choice movement that we could highlight in the next screening


coffman theater and SNACKS!

today me and kelly (from wsac) had a meeting with molly, the woman who works in reservations, about the details of renting the theater. looks like everythings good, we just need to finalize a time to start. did we all agree that eairler is better? we have the room from 5-10pm. 5:30? origianlly i think we all said 7, but....

also, looks like there will be space in the front room/entry area for food and tables, upto 8 tables. i think we should have our stuff out there, but should we also have other people tabling? like info on abortion providers? naral, etc? or should we just expand our normal tabling info to include more on the subject. what do you guys think?

k, i can't seem to find this speak out movie on net flicks- would caitlin or someone with a car be willing to try to pick it up somewhere if i can find it? i want us all to watch some of it on wednesday. otherwise let's all keep trying to find other options for a second film to second film to screen on the 23rd.

lastly, if you have input on what food you wanna eat at our last semester meeting on wednesday post it here! i'm gonna get some snacks or take out, yum yum

December 7, 2006

tables are fun

cool i'm glad we can get a table at the event! but we are running low on good table stuff, we need to get more right away, we'll only have a week after break to get it. condoms, stickers, pins, lit etc. caitlin- who are you thinking would be good to table at the screening? i'll make sure to bring it up to reservations (that we will need that). maybe we can ask planned parenthood or naral? can they both come?

Rock the Roe

I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be tabling at Rock the Roe on Jan 22nd! I'm super excited that PCR is letting us share their table - HOW GREAT? Also, I was thinking about having lots of organizations tabling at our film screening (abortion resources)?

December 6, 2006

Film screening/next week

mia has reserved the coffman union theater for january 23rd for the Abortion Diaries screening, starting at 5. at the meeting tonight we all talked about trying to screen another film at the same time, possibly Speak Out, since abortion diaries is only 30 minutes. also WSAC will be painting the room starting on monday so watch out for that. we will still meet in 202 at 5, but then we'll go to another room in coffman, and carli wants to eat falafel, so expect some yummy carli-aproved food.

December 4, 2006

upcc blog

hello all upcc-ers. this is all about communication! a once-a-week meeting time is not enough for a student group so awesome as UPCC. we can use this space however we want. i would like everyone to report here whenever you get something done for the group, then we can all comment back if nessisary. sometimes it's hard to know what to do without the feedback from the goup. but we can also use this space for so much more! links, ideas, bitching about life. connecting, staying updated, anything really! lets try.......