Tackling the MPLS-STP International Film Festival

This past year, my roommates and I made the lucrative choice not to purchase cable television. Our decision has turned us into self-proclaimed movie buffs, constantly searching for new films we haven't seen. We scour the sales on movies at Target because we have rented every video Red Box has to offer. Our lack of selection has become so dire, we even fight over the unwanted responsibility of who has to make the decision for our ritual, Sunday evening movie night.
When I saw a story about the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, I immediately thought the event would be a great way to spice up our roommate tradition. We would get the chance to watch a movie none of us had ever seen, or even heard of. However, that was the issue: At $9 per movie, a hefty price for a college student, we wanted to make sure we were paying for a movie we would all enjoy. Since I had suggested attending the festival, I began the search for a movie that would appeal to five very different people.
I started my search at the Star Tribune since they had written an article on the festival an entire month before it even started. The article was very concise and listed a few stars and movies that may be of interest to the festival's attendees. If you were extremely interested in the event, they followed up with a longer feature article. The Star Tribune also had a link to a Vita.MN article which detailed how to best navigate the festival. With the Star Tribune's help, I was well on my way to tackling the festival!
Next, I searched Twin Cities Daily Plant. Their site had a lot of visual appeal, including a promotional video for the festival. They also had an audio interview with Linda Blackabay, the chief programmer for the festival. Their information was interesting, but I knew I needed more in order to make a decision.
I moved on to the City Pages because I knew it would have quick and easy information. They were not very timely in their reporting because they had a webpage saying to check back for more information on the festival. They did have short bites of information, including facts and events details that answered a few of my questions. However, I stroke gold when I stumbled upon the page that had a list of every movie, its show time, and a review! City Pages did the best job of helping me figure out which movie to choose: Amigo.

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