December 5, 2005

Good Bye

It was really fun writting you students, I find out that your feeling about school and the student in the school was the same as mines in middle school. I just want to say, that youe feels about things will change. I hope you do well in high school, and get really for college. I really hope you attend college. It will be something new for you. You will have new teacher and student to see. Well have fun and do well in school.
Bye- Rikita B

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November 30, 2005


Hi, how are you doing, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I went back home to Madison, WI. It was so nice to get away from school and track for a while.. I didn't do mush I just relax in the house.. Did you do anything or go anywhere for thanksgiving.So what is new at school, How long do you have school untill your winter break.
Well have to go, talk to you later

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November 16, 2005

What's up

TO: La'Tonya
No we don't have any Hood Rat's in the school. We are in college now, we don't have to be around people all the time. YOu don't see the same people eveyday. Why don't you like you school? Yes there are some cute boys at the school. Don't see them alot but they are around

To: Dontevius
Well we have one thing in common. I think math is the only thing that I'm good at. I don't like reading or writting either. Do you play any sports. What do you do outside of school.

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November 7, 2005


Do you like some of our teachers? why.. I had a Math teacher who was really fun to be in the classroom. This teaher was great, He always said fuuny things in class, that made the class interesting. He taugh and made the class fun. He was good at his job. That was one class that I didn't want to skip.
What suject do you like most and least?
The class that I like least is English, I think because I don't like to wirte papers. In college we write a lot of papers.
The subject I like most is math, That is what I'm good at.

Well bye, hope to talk to you soon!!

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October 31, 2005

What's up

Hey, how are you doing?, I hope fine.

Travona, I love to dance also, dance is considered a sport when you get into high school and college. That's nice that you can walk to school, I have to walk now, but it is not nice. It takes about 20 mins to walk to classes and track. That is going to suck in the winter. keep up the good work in school, that is really good that you have A's in your classes. I hope you do got to the U of M, it is really fun, but the school work is hard. School is just hard because I track to do, but I'm doing well. How old is your brother?

Santella, I like to play football with my brothers alot, I use to play basketball in high school, I like to joperope. I think we have alot in common. Do you want to play a sport in High school? Stay on task now because the school work is going to get harder. School is fun because of the kids go to the school. I hope the school help you later for high school because you will need it.

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October 24, 2005

Hi, My name is Rikita Butler, I'm from Madison Wisconisn. I was bron in Chicago but then move to Madsion when I was 10 years old. I like Madison a lot, but Chicago is a really fun place to live. Chicago remainds me of where you live. Now I'm living in Minnesota, going to school. College is really fun but also hard. I run track for the U of M. That is a lot of fun.
so, we are doing a paper about your school. so I have to ask some question:
Do you play a sport?
Where do you live, near the school?
is it hard to live in the community?
Do you like going to school?
what is your race?
is school hard to be in/ do you want to go to that school?
do you think the school is getting you ready for high school?
what do you after school?

well I will talk to you later.

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October 18, 2005

I was really sick over the weekend , so I could even think about the paper and what to say on it. So that was really hard. The class so far is going well, and also with the paper. The only things is about the paper is that , it is really hard to think about things to writted about. I think it is just hard, because alot of school is not like Linclon's school. My school was different but some ratio are high, but not as high as Linclon's school. But in the all I like talking about other school and coompare them to my school.

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October 14, 2005


One similarity thing that I saw with Lincoln elementary school and my grade school. is that we half of our school were African American. In the state reported to the community, the ratio of African American was 71%. In my grade school, the ratio wasn't as high but it was 53%. so half of my school was black. It is not aa bid as Lincoln ratio but it is pertty high compare to the other school in the area, where the ratio is high for white students. Also there was many free launches to students but again it was not as much as Lincoln. Our test score in reading and math was pertty good. Lincoln school test scores was bad from the student who get free launch, which every baody in the school. this is important becasue it show that student who live in low income family are testing really poorly. They don't have the support outside of the school maybe. lower income family dosen't have alot, so they can't have the same opporunity then the students who live in a high income. Like having a computer, that helps now days, they miss out on alot.

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October 10, 2005

"The movie"

Today in class, the movie was really cool to watch. It was really to wake up call for some students. That movie really show how, we are thankful for the education that we have. I know there are school that is very poor, but some of those school didn't have anything. Some kids are always talking about things that they don't have, it is not like they need it. Those kids need things. I'm really thankful for the life I had, it wasn't great but I'm are in school now.
This movie was not a shook for me, I seen and hear about school like this. I just don't know why the governor, have some schools this bad open. That's not right. All of the money people have, I think that need to give some money to some of the schools. I don't know why some jobs get more money than the teachers. I think they should be getting more.

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October 7, 2005

North Minneapolis

We had to read a article about North Minneapolis, how bad it is in the area. Last year the murder rated double. And a lot of the killing was in the summer time. Of the 17 murders this summer, 10 remain unsolved.There is a lot of drug dealing activies going on in the area. Most of the crimes that is reportes come from the ages 10-19, at 1,987 as a whole. That is alot. reported crimes in 2001, overall crimes is 615, and violent crimes is 139, and property crimes is 476. This is all in one places.
This is really sad about all of the things that is going on, but I seen this before. I come from a area like this. I seen it all: the drug dealing, muders, low income family. This is how people live and the sad thing is people don't know how and don't want to change.

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