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Supreme Court and the Health Bill

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Today, the Supreme Court begins hearing testimony on the national health bill. The conservative Supreme Court will consider if it should overturn the bill created by Congress and signed by the President. As the Star Tribune said: "A decision is expected by late June, in the midst of a presidential election campaign in which all of President Barack Obama's Republican challengers oppose the law and promise its repeal if the high court hasn't struck it down in the meantime." What will happen in the Court? Support of the division of powers or new powers for the Court to decide on its own. Remind anyone of the decisions made in the Presidential elections a while back when the Court got involved?

Board of Regents March Meeting

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Today the BOR recognized the new McKnight-Land Grant Professorships. The papers cover many aspects of the U, but don't feature the amazing research of these young professors. Reading about their work makes me me feel proud; articles in the paper are critical and necessary but don't give citizens a sense of what is truly exciting and uplifting. Excellence and success made visible is what we need.

1 in 7 with Dementia

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Memory in the modern age fascinates me. I just read about the increasing numbers of people with dementia who live alone, whether by choice, divorce, death, or living away from family. The overall cost to the country for medical care will be huge and growing. I wonder, though, how we can better serve people who are living alone to make their better. Are there organizations that need to be developed, interventions that might be tried, neighborhood groups organized so we can look after each other? Certainly, people are doing things, but I don't think it will be enough. Anyone have good ideas about how we can organize locally to address loneliness in general and this kind of loneliness in specific?

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