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Hello everyone!
Biology Without Borders has two annual international trips, one to Peru and one to Tanzania. These trips are entirely student led. They provide an opportunity for students to experience different cultures, as well as make a sustainable impact in the local community.

This summer, the group going to Tanzania has a few goals. Primarily we will be starting a computer lab for Bukoba Secondary School, this includes helping to introduce the students to basic computer skills. We will also be working with a school for albino and disabled students, an orphanage in the heart of Bukoba, a baby orphanage, an organization called House of Grace which works with a leprosy colony, and street children rehabilitation center and school. Students will also have the opportunity to observe day to day operations at a local hospital to observe firsthand the disparities in international healthcare.

We will depart MSP at 9:35 pm on May 17th and we will return on June 27th at 12:35 pm.

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