Street Kid Project Visit

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The week has been great. We have continued observing at the hospital, and our computer lessons have shown progress at Bukoba Secondary school. I think many of our group members have adjusted to culture here. We are comfortable and know our way around. I think we have less eyes following us too (though children continue to yell Muzungu at us). We visited the Street Kid Project of Bukoba yesterday afternoon. It is a privately funded organization that's purpose is to shelter children who are too poverty stricken to make it. Many children run away from home to this project. When we arrived, all of the children were singing a welcome song to us while one played on a drum. They ended up dancing for us and one male even sang "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson. We tried dancing for them in return, but it was clear that we lack certain abilities. We then got a tour of the place. The buildings where the children stay are average in condition. Not all of the children use mosquito nets, and there is a need for more sheets. We inquired what the project needed most and we found out clothing and school supplies (including uniforms) were what the children needed most. We are going to try to purchase school supplies with our project money if we can. Sixty uniforms would total to around $2000, so this project is out of our range this year. We are doing well and in high spirits. The energy is at a low, but I think it is due to the cloudy skies and rain that we have been having as of late. We miss you and we miss your food. Many of us are deliberating about what foods we are going to request when we are picked up at the airport. Feel free to comment on our posts with any questions you have!

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