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Friday, June 10th:
Today was similar to the past few in that we split up into two groups. One to go to the garden and keep planting, and the other to go to the hospital. The garden group completed about five more plots. Meanwhile, the hospital group got to sit in on surgeries. We saw about 5 different operations, which ended with a C-section. Each operation was a success and the baby and mother from the C-section are healthy!
In the afternoon we returned to the village where we worked on the house the first week here. We saw the progress (roof goes up on Monday) and were able to play with the kids for a while!
Tonight we are looking forward to a traditional meal prepared by our hosts, Jackie and William. Jackie is an excellent cook and she has been working all day to prepare us this feast! YUM!

-Becca H.

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So jealous of the feast and operations! Eats lots! Wish I could be there to clean up the left overs. :)

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