Last day in Bukoba!

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Last day in Bukoba!

On Saturday, the group went back to Ntoma orphanage to assist with chores and play with the children. The matron of the orphanage said that they did not need any help with laundry or lawn care today, so instead we waited for the children to wake up from their midday nap to play with them. While we waited we went back to the beach in Ntoma. The beach there is very secluded and the views there are beautiful! Even though it was an overcast day, we all enjoyed our time their. After about an hour, we went back to the orphanage and heard the babies waking up! One by one, they brought the children out to play, and we each had one (or two!) babies to play with. They were adorable and all very happy, content babies. After the orphanage, we went back into town for dinner and then spent the evening at the beach in Bukoba at a bonfire. There were a lot of groups staying at or near William's beach, some from the Netherlands, others from Belgium, and some people from Uganda. It was a night of great conversations, and we also say a traditional drum and dance group perform. Half the group decided to rent a tent and a hut on the beach to spend the night in.

Sunday morning, the rest of the group met up with those who slept on the beach. Most of the town is closed on Sunday and we are nearly done with our garden project, so we spent the majority of the day relaxing on the beach. In the afternoon, a friend Zaharani brought us on an island tour. From the beach in Bukoba, you can see a large island in the distance. We've seen this island almost everyday we've been here, so it was nice to finally visit it on our last night here. Other than that, we just relaxed the rest of the night, enjoyed one more night at William's house, and started packing.

Today a group of us went to the hospital one last time, and the rest of us went back to the garden to plant the last of the mchicha and say goodbye to the orphanage. The garden is looking great, and some of the plants are sprouting already! The orphanage workers seemed very pleased with the project, and we are all glad to have helped them in this project. We also had enough funds left to purchase two more mattresses and we also gave them two footballs as a parting gift. They told us we are more than welcome back in the future trips, so we hope to visit again and help with other projects and needs that they have! The rest of the day will be filled with last minute food fixes, shopping, packing, and enjoying Bukoba! Our time here has gone (too) fast, but I know that we have enjoyed every minute of it!

Stay tuned for an update after our trip through the Serengeti!

-Becca M

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