Day 11 8/1/2013 hello urubamba!


Sup everyone reading this,
We just realized that we can read comments so that was a cool thing, we love seeing your comments! It's nice to know that people are keeping up with our amazing adventure! Btw love you too mom (Genna). Today we left Machu Picchu city (Aguas Calientes) via train and headed to Ollantaytambo. That may seem like an easy trip, but with this group we like to challenge ourselves. We are beginning to think that Claire doesn't want to be apart of the group anymore do to the fact that she truely enjoys losing her train ticket. This morning upon waking up she told us that she had left her ticket in her bag which was already in Ollantaytambo. Lucky for all of us they were able to print off a new ticket using her passport.

Ollantaytambo was a nice small city! We only stayed there for a few hours exploring because we took Edwin's (our contact in urubamba) offer of staying in his hotel starting tonight! We met Keri who is bwbs contact for the Sacred Valley Health project. We donated some dental supplies there because she expressed that they could definitely use it to teach the rural mountain communities about hygiene. Also donated soap and shampoo. Keri gave us many helpful tips about getting deals as a group and a contact for Cameron to get his second rabies shot!

Then we took a taxi to Urubamba and met Edwin! He is super nice and SUPER helpful! Urubamba is a well kept medium size quiet town! We arrived at La Quinta Eco hotel which belongs to Edwin and were blown away by the extravagance! Fruit trees everywhere (that we can even eat off of!), a pool, beautiful dining hall, luscious grass, and a couple friendly dogs for company! We will be here for four nights for quite a generous deal! We are excited for our full days of volunteering ahead here and exploring this city!

Con Amor
Los Gringos


Hello All,

I am so glad you discovered the comments. I so enjoy and look forward to reading the blogs. I enjoy the details and the humor, great job! Genna $$$ is back on your account. Sorry about the dog bite and the lost ticket. You all sound like you are having an amazing time, enjoy. I am sure you are missing the snow though, lol

Genna's mom

Hi Genna,
We miss you and can't wait until you come home. We want to watch Tangled with you and go to Panera. Have fun and we'll see you in a few days.
Abby and Sarah

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