Day 14 1/11/13 Tour of Lamay Hospital

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Hola familias y amigos,
Today we had one of the most eye opening experiences, touring an underprivledged hospital. The hospital in Lamay only has two doctors that serve around 100 patients each day. They are not able to treat anything but minor illness and injuries because of the lack of resources. With anything major they have to transport the patients to the main hospital in Cusco. Lamay has over 40 surrounding communities and others up in the mountains. The Lamay hospital has a dentist, few nurses, and a lab person besides their two doctors. They don't have equipped rooms to have the patients stay there. Although, they do have about 7 rooms for pregnant women that are due very soon. They can stay there if they live far away until they need to be transported to the other main hospital to give birth. The rooms are nothing that an expecting mother deserves though with the rags for blankets, worn out bed, poorly ventilated stove and a literal hole in the ground in a stall for a bathroom. Somehow the citizens deal with the lack of resources. We all walked out of there (after getting contact info for future groups to help out) thankful that we have the privledges we do in America but also more aware of the little things we take for granted. We have so many things at home that people here in Peru do "the old fashion way". Farming by hand or with animals, honking because there are no stop signs, eating only bread for meals because that is the cheapest/most convenient item, and many other things.

Afterwards we went to the market in Pisac that was recommended to us by Edwin. It was more of the common booths lining the streets with similar scarves, sweaters, and knick knacks.

Once back at the hotel we rested, played some games, then went to dinner at Nustras for the fourth time since we have been here!

Mucho Amor
Los Gringos

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You sound like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks for the frequent updates and for the chance to experience your trip vicariously. Maybe next year we send along some blankets for the hospital? Stay safe. Jane Phillips

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