Day 15 1/12/13 Hogar in Anta

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Hola family and friends,
Today was a crazy tiring day of travel! We went to Cusco and Cameron received his third rabies shot! We experienced an over-crowded bus to get to our destination of Anta. The hogar only has 4 girls here right now but it is nice because we are able to get to know each one of them better! The youngest is 11 and the oldest is 18. We got to play some ball with them outside for a bit and they taught us their style of dodge ball. We treated them by going out to dinner tonight and they recommended a yummy Chinese restaurant that gave us the biggest pile of food!

We were invited to attend a Spanish Catholic mass with them tomorrow. Then we will most likely spend the rest of the day painting (cuz I guess we are professionals).

Looking forward to a fun week with the girls!

Mucho amor!
Los Gringos

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I am so proud of you all. You are touching lives and will always be remembered by the people you touched. Keep up the good work and you can all come to Genna's house and paint this summer.....Love, Lisa

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