Day 17 1/14/13 More Painting!

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Hola familias and friends,
Today we did nothing but paint! We painted the entrance of the hogar, the sitting room, touched up the outside walls that were chipping and rested in between.
We are all excited for America! The food, relaxing, Genna's mom, friends, and drinking from our faucets!!
Things are winding down but we plan on living up the last couple days in Peru.

See you soon!!
Los Gringos

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Hola (or Uno)

I am so excited to be mentioned in your blog and feeling very sad for all of you having to split up. Can't wait to hear about Paddy's Pub. Genna there will be fried crickets waiting for you. I will miss your blogs and wish you all a very safe and wonderful trip home. Your all welcome at Genna's anytime.


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