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May 29th Update

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We've been working with the teachers at Bukoba Secondary School since Monday teaching them how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. It has been an interesting experience with them. Some of them seem to pick up on what we are teaching them quickly and others need it explained many times. Teaching them how to use these programs makes us feel really smart and capable with the programs. We won't be back to the school until Monday because the teachers have started grading their students' final exams. When we go on Monday we will bring the teachers a detailed list of how to use Excel and PowerPoint the way we taught them. Hopefully this will make it easier for them to remember what to do.

Later this evening we will be playing the Masai in a game of soccer. We are almost guaranteed to lose, but it will be a fun experience anyway. We don't have anything planned for tomorrow as of right now. On Friday we will be having lunch with a Muslim school. Then we will spend the weekend with them in their village. It will give us an opportunity to experience their culture and way of life.

May 27th Update

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Wow we did a lot of different things in the past few days! Hopefully we can talk about it all in the short time we have at the internet cafe!

On Saturday we went to Mugeza to visit the Albino and Disabled School there. We donated all of the clothes that we lugged across the world to the kids there, and that experience was a really good one. It was great to hand out the hats, long sleeved shirts, and sunglasses to the albino children who very badly need to have better protection from the sun. We also handed out the sunscreen and showed the kids how to apply it. After giving out the clothing donations, we gave all the kids eight soccer balls, and played with them for a while. It was really great to see how much fun the kids were having with the donations we were able to bring. Afterwards, we helped clean a dormitory with disinfectant and A LOT of scrubbing and moving beds and mattresses around. It was definitely hard but satisfying work! Overall the day was a lot of fun, and it was great to finally be doing some volunteer work after spending so much time setting things up last week!

Then yesterday was a special day, as it was Queen's first birthday party! Queen is William's daughter, so there was a big party at Kiroyera beach to celebrate her first birthday! That was a lot of fun, and was a really big event. There was a lot of dancing, and we really liked that! When it was time to open presents everyone would dance their way up to the front and present them to her. We thought that was a really fun way to do it! The food was amazing, as usual. We even got to try antelope! Overall it was a really fun and great night at the beach where we ate amazing food and met some really interesting people!

Then today we worked at Bukoba Secondary School teaching Excel to the teachers there. They wanted to learn how to use Excel in order to make grading and reporting grades easier. We were there for a long time both teaching them things and trying to figure them out ourselves. We definitely could have used a crash course in Excel before coming here, but we're figuring it out the best we can!

Overall it's been a busy few days and we're having a great time!

Day 5 in Bukoba

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Our time so far in Bukoba has been very enjoyable. The children love hanging out with us, teaching us Swahili and them English. We went to visit Bukoba Secondary School and found out the students schedules have changed, and they are now finishing up with their final tests. We are planning to go to the school all of next week and teach the teachers how to use excel to more efficiently calculate the students' grades. Brady was able to get 30 soccer balls and we will be giving some to Bukoba secondary on Monday. This weekend we plan to go to Mugeza, where they have the albino and disabled school. There we will be cleaning out their dorms, spending time with them, and bringing donations such as clothing, sunglasses, and sporting equipment. We have all adjusted very well to the life here and really enjoy how relaxed they all live. Hopefully next time we will have much more to talk about, but for now we are on our way to the market to pick up some food. Talk soon.

BWB, specifically Jenna

First Days in Bukoba

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After our our flight to Mwanza, we spent the day touring the city and trying out our first African meal. We tried the fried fish and ugali, which is a paste made of flour. After this busy day we spend the night taking the ferry to Bukoba. The ferry ride itself was quite restless, but the sunrise in the morning was quite worth it. We met William at the ferry and he took us to our home where we will be until June 9th. The streets were full of children walking to school and everyone was out and about very early. It was nice to finally settle in and not move on the next day. We started with a delicious breakfast and had chips mayai for dinner that night. Today we spend the day with a short tour of Bukoba and are currently getting our phone worked out. We met with Mr. Raza who is helping us organize a schedule for going to observe at the hospital as well as visit a Muslim school over next weekend. Tomorrow we are going to Bukoba Secondary and setting up our time for the computer lessons. We are going to see the Masai now and will later have lunch and head home with our food from the market. Laura is very excited to try the fried grasshoppers later! Hopefully the lost luggage will be here tomorrow so Brandon can wear a new set of clothes, as he is starting to smell ;) Talk soon.

BWB, specifically Jenna

We're finally here!

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After flights to Chicago, Amsterdam, and finally Kilimanjaro, we are back at the airport about to fly to Mwanza! We'll be taking the overnight ferry tonight and get to Bukoba tomorrow morning, where we will finally be able to settle in. The land here is beautiful and very green! We got to see a glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro from a distance, and are extremely excited to be there in 5 weeks! So far it's been a little hectic, as one of our bags ripped open and another one decided to stay in Amsterdam for an extra day, but we're figuring things out and still excited to be here!

2 days until liftoff!

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Hello everyone!

BWB has two annual international trips, one to Peru and one to Tanzania. These trips are student led and provide an opportunity for students to experience different cultures, as well as make a sustainable impact in the local community.

This summer, 5 U of M students will be going to Tanzania for 6 weeks. Some of the projects we will be working on while there include giving computer lessons to the students at Bukoba Secondary School, bringing donations to a school for albino and disabled students, working with an organization called House of Grace who works with a leprosy colony, and working in a village outside of Bukoba (Kamachumu) with the organization KAVIPE, whose goal is to empower orphans, widows, and the indigenous community through projects that produce effective and sustainable development outcomes. Students will also have to opportunity to observe day to day operations at a local hospital to observe firsthand the disparities in international healthcare. The last week of the trip we will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro through the sponsored project by House of Grace to help raise funds to build a community center for those outside of Shinyanga affected by Hansen's disease.

We will depart MSP at 1:00 pm on May 17th and will return on July 2nd at 12:20 pm.

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